Setting Up Paraconical Pendulums in Sarawak

The first stage was to weld a couple of hefty steel I-beams to the ceiling of our workshop, in order to make as rigid and massive a support as possible. This photo sequence shows this procedure. (We do accept that this support, although enormously strong, may not be absolutely rigid and massive, to the standard which Allais has specified for an isotropic support based upon his experience. It is not perfect, but it was the best that could be done at the time without constructing a purpose-built building or bunker, as described elsewhere upon this website. Yes, that is the next order of business!

Before hanging each paraconical pendulum, it is necessary to assemble it carefully in consonance with the demands of the Tennis Racket Theorem. This photo sequence shows the assembly and alignment procedure.

And this sequence shows the procedure of fixing a base block into the cross-bar of the L-shaped support member.

These photos show the pendulum, as first mounted to our new support.

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