Welding the Support for a Paraconical Pendulum to the Ceiling

This page shows how, in September 2004, we fixed the support for the first English-style paraconical pendulum to the ceiling at the works of the Alom Corporation (associated with the Airship Group) in Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo. We were afforded the freedom of a large workshop room in a building which has a frame massively built with thick steel girders. Here is a photo of the space we used for the pendulum:

A view of one of the corners:

A close-up of the corner bracket:

Welding on our first support beam (which is the rusty looking one):

This shows the paraconical pendulum support bars installed temporarily, in order to set the alignment for the second beam:

A close-up of the paraconical pendulum support structure, provisionally in place:

Welding up our second beam:

Final painting:

This work with paraconical pendulums is a delightful mixture of the very crude and the extremely delicate!

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