Leo Savrov's work

Leonid Savrov performed very interesting experiments with a miniature paraconical pendulum of an idiosyncratic type during the famous total solar eclipse in Mexico in 1991 (famous because it was maximal, with minimum gamma - if the Earth had been transparent, the point at the center of the Earth would have been in shadow), and during another total solar eclipse in Brazil in 1994.

Click Here for a PDF file of a short note Savrov wrote about these experiments.

Moreover, Savrov has been so kind as to send to us a long summary paper describing his experiments, and to give us permission to publish it here. So click Here for this document in MS-Word form. Beware: it is nearly 6MB in size, because it contains a number of images, some shown here (and also, presumably, because its formatting is sub-optimal, but I have no time to fix it).

Here are PDF files of Savrov's various other articles on the subject:

One paper: Click Here.

Another paper: Click Here.

Yet another paper: Click Here.

Still another paper: Click Here.


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