Observations in Vienna during the 1999 Eclipse

In fact, some interesting pendulum observations were made by Wuchterl during the 1999 solar eclipse in Europe, using a long Foucault pendulum, but they haven't been officially published, other than in scrappy pages on the internet. Some of the original pages are now linkrot, and are cached here because the originals have disappeared - perhaps because they show some evidence of anomalies!

Click Here (archive) for a description of the Vienna pendulum... (in German for the moment)

Click Here (archive) for a description of how it behaved during the eclipse... (in German)

And click Here (archive) for an English translation of this eclipse behavior!

I confine myself to only the following two comments: (1) the "research-, correction- and discussion phase" which was promised, has not yet been provided by Wuchterl after seven years; and (2) that no significant effect was observed, is a bit of a bold remark, I would say; more realistic would be something like: "A 3-sigma effect was observed. Therefore the possibility remains that the results are due to chance at the level of x%."

And click Here (archive) for a very brief account of the anomalies (in English)


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