Information available about what happened in the NASA 1999 Eclipse Experiments, which were organized by David Noever, and about what happened to the data.

First, here is some hot fresh news: Antonio Iovane has posted his entire correspondence with David Noever here (archive)!

(There is no question of impropriety here; this scientific correspondence was never confidential.)

Reading this through, as I have done, puts an entirely different slant on the affair of NASA, David Noever, and Project Delta-G. It seems to me that Noever may have been more sinned against than sinning... but read it for yourself!

Now follows a summary of my own previous internet research on the subject...


Here is a transcription of a comment from a newsgroup, complaining about the apparent collapse of the eclipse project:


Where is David Noever and the 1999 Solar Eclipse Data? Dr. David Noever was leading the effort to coordinate testing for the anomalous deflection observed by Nobel Laurate Maurice Allais. Since the execution of these in 1999 silence as to actual measured results has been the norm. Dr. Noever was to present an article in a compilation of articles on gravitation in Aperion's upcoming book but, as the editor Matt Edwards writes, "Yes, unfortunately the article by David Noever never materialized. I don't know why; he just stopped communicating. Apparently, his European colleagues had the same experience with him. They claim he has left NASA and took all the eclipse data with him! Does anyone know the background story, and where the 1999 Eclipse data is??? Paul Stowe


And the following letter - without a date - from David Noever has surfaced:

-Thanks for your email which was forwarded to my attention. We are no less excited as time passes in the analysis and as we uncover a very extensive historical scientific interest in this fascinating and rather mysterious question. I can only report that we will discuss any results after going through the scientific peer review process. As Professor Allais indicated to us in his latest September 19 letter: It is best to proceed in this field methodically. I can indicate some online sources of information that may assist in understanding the goals and methods of the experiment. A relatively complete set of links is available at.... [and then he gives a lot of links, but nothing further of actual substance]

The following, dated 5 July 2000, and written by David Noever himself, is virtually the last information available about what happened with the data from the 1999 Eclipse Experiments, which were organized by the same David Noever...

Click Here for a MS-Word file.

It appears that shortly after this was written, Noever left NASA with some buddies and started a dotcom, Mobular Technologies, which still seems to be around Here .... but I'd appreciate more information upon this subject! Anyway, nothing seems to have come of the 1999 eclipse experiments. See Allais's memoir to NASA, elsewhere on this website, for his opinions of these efforts...

And here (PDF backup) is a copy-for-reference of the NASA page "Decrypting the Eclipse", which has been the introduction to the subject of the Allais effect for quite a few people.


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