Gravimetry-related Articles by Wang, Yang, etc.

The fundamental first article, published in 2000 by Wang and Yang, et al., is entitled "Precise measurement of gravity variations during a total solar eclipse".

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The next article, dated 2002, is by Yang and Wang, and it is basically a rebuttal of the skeptics who had been blaming the anomalies described in the previous paper upon local conditions. It is entitled "Gravity anomaly during the Mohe solar eclipse, and new constraint upon gravitational shielding parameter".

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In 2003, Tang, Wang and Zhang, et al., presented a poster session at a geophysical conference. Since this was a poster session, only the abstract is available: it is entitled "Gravity Effects of Solar Eclipse and Inducted Gravitational Field". Rather sparse details are given of their recent eclipse observation expeditions to Zambia in 2001 and Australia in 2002: in both cases, again, they detected gravitational anomalies using a sensitive standard gravimeter.

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Finally, here is an interesting document: a summary of a recent presentation by Tang, Kang and Zhang, et al., which essentially consists of a series of slides. Interesting photos of their Zambian and Australian eclipse expeditions are included. They are trying to found a permanent observational station in China. This document is entitled "To Start a GO project in China".

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