News as of 9 March

9 March 2005:

Here are Jose and Carlos, just finishing the structure for the first measurement table.

As you can see, with this through-floor type of setup, because the pendulum is only about a meter long, and it starts in the upstairs room, above the floor in that room, inevitably the bob (which hasn't been fitted yet) comes to be located quite close to the ceiling of the downstairs room.

Thus it is inevitable that we have to build a rather high table to support the measurement scales for monitoring the motion of the pendulum; and we are going to need quite a high dais to stand on as well, in order to view the pendulum comfortably and conveniently.

The table can be seen here from on top. It's solid as a rock. At this stage, the distance from the lower end of the pendulum rod to the table is 20 cm, which is exactly right.


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