News as of 30 March

30 March 2005:

We realized that the easiest way to build a platform would be to wall off a section of the room with masonry, to fill sand into this section up to the level of the wall, and then to lay tiles over the sand. Although the actual weight involved will be rather high, the cost promises to be low, and such a structure will have the distinct advantage of being immune to catastrophic failure, no matter how many people climb up onto it.

After building the main front wall, we need to wall off the pendulum table legs. Here's a general view:

This chap is working on the surround for the first pendulum table:

And this man is working on the other:

Tomorrow we shall fill the cavity up with sand and lay the tiles on it.

No! we're doing it today! Here the lads are loading up the sand into the barrow:

.... pouring it in around the pendulum supports...

and distributing it and tamping it down:

Tomorrow we just have to buy some tiles and put them in place, and the platform is finished!


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