Links to Other Web Pages

Click here to go to a page by Prof. Vincent Morin of the University of Brest, France, who is concentrating his efforts upon practical investigation of the optical anomalies first discovered by Esclangon and also observed by Prof. Allais - with the meticulous application of modern electronics, Prof. Morin is getting fascinating results!

Click here to go to a page by Prof. Dimitrie Olenici, who is the technical director of Suceava Planetarium in Romania.

Click here to go to one website by Prof. Reg Cahill of Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia; click here to go to another.

Click here for a page by Prof. Jose Almeida of the Physics Department of the University of Minho in Portugal, who is setting up a collaboration with us for investigating the Allais effect in northern Portugal during the annular solar eclipse of 3 October 2005.

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